Postal Service in Trouble?

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The US Postal Service, despite benefiting from being the only “company” able to ship first class mail, will be facing a $238 billion budget by 2020 according to recent estimates. This is, of course, largely due to the rise of email and decline of traditional snail-mail.

The Postal Service has 36,500 retail locations, more than twice as many as McDonald’s Corp. and more than triple the number of Starbucks Corp. outlets, New York-based McKinsey said.

“The Postal Service urgently needs a more flexible business model to best meet America’s changing mailing needs and consumer patterns,” said Sue Brennan, a Postal Service spokeswoman. “The volume of mail that funds the organization is declining at such a rate that we need to be able to adapt, and without flexibility we cannot.”

So lets hear it readers, should the Post Office cut hours? Should it be privatized? Discuss.